Comprehensive Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Great Lakes Groundskeeper Inc. offers a wide variety of lawn care and landscaping services at prices you can afford. We serve home and business owners in and around Shelby Township, Michigan.

Turf Management

Tired of companies claiming to be the best only to find your expectations were not met? We understand that your expectations are high–and they should be! We provide only the best weed, fungus, insect, and grub control.

Additionally, we use only the best fertilizer with iron, making your lawn look and feel lush with exceptionally green results. Call us today to ask about our all-natural fertilizer program.

Core Aeration & Power Raking

We utilize top-of-the-line equipment to help your lawn breathe. Applying fertilizer and pre-emergent after aerating and power raking helps nutrients and water get absorbed efficiently through the root system, resulting in a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn.

Turf Installation - Landscaping Services

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Tailored to meet your needs, our spring cleanup includes removal of winter debris, dead annuals, cutting back perennials, and stick and debris removal. Fall cleanup includes the removal of leaves from lawns and shrub and flowerbeds.

Landscaping Services

Spruce up a rundown landscape with a makeover that doesn't cost a fortune. We deliver and install:

• Hardwood Mulch (Premium & Double Shredded)
• Bark (Red, Black, Gold, & Walnut)
• Double Shredded Cedar Mulch
• Top Soil
• Stones
• Trees & Shrubs
• Plants & Flowers
Shrub Management - Landscaping Services

Shrub Management

We keep your shrubs looking great! Not too short, not too long–just a clean or prune tailored to your needs.

Drain Tile

A drain tile can prevent your backyard from flooding after a heavy rainfall. We also install drain basins to direct your water away from your home.

Holiday Decorations

Enjoy the season without the hassle of decorating your yard! We provide a beautiful display, making the house the envy or the neighborhood.

Contact us at (586) 531-0721 in Shelby Township, Michigan, for extraordinary landscaping services.